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About Us

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Ebenezer means "stone of help" (thus far the Lord has helped us). Our church is here to help.

Reformed means we are constantly being renewed by our increasing obedience to God's Word.

Church is not a building, but a community of faith dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Christ.

Church Staff:
Pastor JT and Lo.jpg
J. T. Bean
Kendra Remrey

Office Manager

2024 Consistory


   J. T. Bean (Pastor), Ken Jansma (Vice President),
Barney Habben, Keith Hamstra, Martha Kophamer, Jan Renkes


   Marcia Blean, Scott Meurs, Jenny Patton
Pat Pessman, Dave Weber, Nancy Weber


Ebenezer Reformed Church of Morrison, IL

is affiliated with the Reformed Church in America

Click here to view the RCA website

office hours 

Monday thru Friday

9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

office phone # 
(815) 772-2472

Properties Manager 

 Bob Wiersema


 Courtney Bruckner
Marilyn Tichler


Tech Consultant 

 William Patton

Finance Secretary 

 Nancy Weber

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